Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) decreased levels can be described as the main cause of aging.  We can never stop the clock from ticking but we can slow time with using the best HGH supplements to extend our lifespan. You know what! Before you decide to devote yourself to these best HGH supplements available online, please get some facts.

Human Growth Hormone

The big lie appearing as the truth

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland to help the body regulate body fluids, sugar and fat metabolism, muscle and bone density as well as the heart function.

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone contains active ingredients that supplement the decreased levels of growth hormones.

The big lie is that many of growth hormone products found selling all over the internet are not approved by the relevant clinical regulation bodies. Most people continue using them with big expectation they will reverse age-related body deterioration. Instead, these products bring more harmful effects to the body.

It gets worse when some of the people use these counterfeits alongside with other performance drugs such as steroids looking up for improved athletic body structure. You can guess the complications that will results from this. In fact, Human Growth Hormone products are yet to be proven if they trigger athletic performance.

Let’s not forget these companies are taking advantage of consumers who barely know anything about HGH.  At the end of the day, their canny minds pockets them billion of dollars.

Nevertheless, whatever has been done cannot be undone. I therefore urge people to know facts about Human Growth Products before making a purchase. I will elaborate on the existing confusion between the lie (counterfeit) and the truth (the most genuine products to use).


What exactly is Human Growth Hormone?

I’m going to walk you down on every detail you need to know about HGH.

As earlier said, Human Growth Hormone is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain. The hormone is responsible for stimulating growth, reproduction of cells and cell regeneration to maintain healthy human tissues.

Once secreted, Human Growth Hormone remains active for a few minutes in the bloodstream allowing enough time for the liver to convert the hormone into growth factors. The most important factor is insulin-like growth factor containing growth promoting properties on every cell in the body.

The study of HGH has existed more than a century, and Synthetic Human Growth Hormone was first manufactured in 1980s and was approved by FDA for specific users among children, adolescents and adults.


Do adults need Human Growth Hormone?

Yes. Human Growth Hormone is usually at pick during childhood growth and adolescent, and thereafter helps to maintain tissues and organs during entire human life. The natural slowdown of growth hormones have made scientists to manufacture synthetic human growth hormone as a way to reduce aging, like decreased bone mass and muscles.

Adults are the one truly suffering from growth hormone deficiency due to aging and they end up being prescribed synthetic human growth by their doctors. They need it to increase exercise capacity, reduce body fats and increase bone mass and muscles to look like their youthful days.


What HGH does for healthy adults?

Research have shown that adults especially the elderly taking Human Growth Hormone drugs  increase their muscle mass and reduces the amount of  body fats . This translates into creased strength and they can one again feel younger.


Robust Benefit of Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone products will guarantee you general recovery; ignite anti-aging process and good health. Therefore, there are several benefits that will be associated with HGH treatment among children, adolescents and adults.

  1. Weight Loss

Individuals suffering from obesity have limited release to growth hormone, and growth hormone responsiveness can be complete after reduction of weight. HGH treatment has demonstrated positive results in losing body weight.

  1. Better Moods

Physiological wee-being and good quality of life is restored when growth deficiency among adults is administrated. Administering growth hormone increases mood significantly after six month of therapy.

  1. Stronger Bones

Growth hormone is very essential for bone growth, especially during puberty. It usually regulates the production of IGF-1, which is produced by the river to the blood. IGF-1 growth hormone stimulates bone-forming and bone-desorbing cells, making the bones to have increased mass

  1. Increased Muscle Strength

HGH is well known for improving physical capacity of human beings through stimulating collagen synthesis found in the skeletal muscles and tendons and thereafter increasing individual muscle strength as well as exercise performance improvement.

  1. Better Fracture Healing

Hormones and growth factors are the one responsible for bone metabolism and fracture healing. Human Growth Hormone has been shown to increase regeneration of broken bones, making it the big part for bone healing.


Why do we age with Human Growth Hormone in our body?

Why is my skin wrinkling with Human Growth Hormone being produced in my own body? Right!

I know some of you are asking themselves this question right now. Let me clarify to you why aging continues despite the fact that HGH is in our bodies.

We expect to live to about 77years on average. Is the best we can do? Can we extend our live beyond 77 years old? The oldest person on earth lived for 122 years.

To answer this question we need to understand what happens in our bodies. As we grow older day by day, growth hormone levels decreases causing hormone deficiency.

Adult hormone deficiency (GHD) disorder is caused by pituitary dysfunction. As we continue to age, our bodies gains increased fat mass, decreased muscle mass, diminishing muscle strength, lack of physical energy and energy, changes in mood, lack of motivation, poor memory just a few to mention.

Increased levels of accumulated fat in the bloods and high cholesterol because of poor diet automatically results to low level of growth hormone as we hit 30 years and above. But keep in mind this is not the scenario with everyone.

Those who engage a healthy diet and exercise are able to keep pituitary grand active. Thus why some elderly adults look younger than their own lived years.


How is HGH manufactured, and why is too expensive to afford?

Since 1985 Human Growth Hormone has been made through recombinant DNA technology. Bacteria or animal cells are given a gene helps to make HGH.

The cells are then grown into a tissues structure that synthesizes a pure hormone identical to the one human pituitary produce. The generation of this hormone is so complex since it involves 191 amino acids.

Complexity in manufacturing results to high financial costs. HGH injections are priced at $500 to $1,000 in duration of one month. HGH supplements inform of spray and pills go for $200 and $300 a month.


Injectable vs. Oral sprays and pills HGH- what’s suits you?

Nowadays, HGH supplements market is full of all kind of HGH products available online with all sorts of formulations. Injectable and oral sprays and pills are the most available ones. Some of these HGH supplements and releasers sound promising but it is important to know the necessary information before making a purchase.

Here comes the most relevant question. How do I use my best HGH supplements? Between injections, sprays, and pills which ones best suit me?

People who are interested to become energetic and healthier should consider using of natural supplements and releases.

Be aware that releasers will neither interfere with the functioning of pituitary gland nor excessive levels of Human Growth Hormones in the bloodstream.


Which pill is the right one among the best HGH supplements?

So far we now know that supplements and releases are the best choices to make. But how do you differentiate the right one from counterfeits?

Human Growth Hormone plays a vital role for being healthy and encountering the effects of aging. The population of HGH products has really made the market to diversify tremendously.

Carefully understanding the manner HGH products works will help you buy the variety that is safe to use.


Let’s have a look at top three HGH products that tested and ranked as the best HGH supplements

GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is the best HGH supplement the raise the human growth today. It is made from natural and scientifically proven ingredients. The ingredients work safely to reverse aging and enhance metabolism. Among the key ingredients in GenF20 Plus is chromium which helps to promote the natural secretion of Human Growth Hormone by lowering blood glucose. Chromium also plays a significant role in weight loss.

Another important ingredient is L-Arginine known for burning fats to create room for HGH high levels. Other ingredients are; L-ornithine, L-lysine, L-glutamine, astragalus root extract, colostrums and Phosphatedyl Chorine.

Remember this is a dietary supplement and should not be used to treat critical diseases. This HGH product has been clinically proven by FDA to help increase growth hormones. Check detail GenF20 Plus Reviews.


GH Balance

GH-Balance lately have captured our attention, especially athletes are getting banned when fusing it. This means the products is pretty working well. The ban doesn’t mean the product is totally useless, but it’s because the athlete using it has unfair advantage.

GH-Balance is composed of just three ingredients in its formula; caffeine, Tribulus Terrestris and GHFactor-7. The recommendation is taking 1 capsule twice a day on empty stomach.

GH-Balance is designed to increase muscle mass, firm the skin and eliminate unwanted fat.  It is a natural booster helping to increase muscle mass and sculpt powerful physique. Read more at GH Balance Review


HyperGH 14X

This product serves two functions; testosterone booster as well as an HGH releaser for turning back biological crock and driving our bodies’ metabolism into high gears.

HyperGH 14X is formulated with a potent blend of nutrients that are clinically tested to help pituitary gland to release more human growth hormone.

The product guarantees more energy and alertness, increased muscle mass and a lot of losing body fats. If you’re into reversing aging, believe me, say you can HyperGH 14X will assure you body a stronger, leaner and bigger size than before. Click here to read HyperGH 14X Reviews


Why the three are considered the best HGH supplements?

Manufactures of three products are well known eliminating the risk of scammers.  They formulate their products with potent blend of nutrients to avoid side effects of using the pills with no traces of chemicals.

GenF20 is certified by FDA as well as GH Balance is certified by GMP accredited lab. You can just imagine how safe it feels like using standard products that are accredited by relevant bodies that uses pure ingredients without synthetic substances.

There are a lot of dubious HGH products all over the market advertising for big expectation. But know you will make informed decision to outright scammers.

 Try any of the pills and see the change yourself

As you have seen, the pills have no side effects and are safe to use without worries. The agent of change right now is you. You want to slow down aging, the decision is yours to make which of the three best HGH supplements suits your needs.

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